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Brilliant Tutors Online Tuition Singapore

Online Tuition Singapore

Online Tuition Singapore

Since Circuit Breaker started in April 2020 in Singapore, we have moved on to Online for Education and Work as only Essential services are allowed to be carried out.

Brilliant Tutors has a great pool of Tutors to provide Online Tutoring for Students and Tutees.

Benefits of Online Tuition:

  • No need for Travelling: Since Home-based Tuition can only resume at a later date, it’s best to have Tuition Online

  • Affordable Rates: Due to no travelling fees, rates can be lower to cater to the current situation

  • Safer: As advised by the Government to stay home, it’s safer to stay home for Online Tuition

  • Convenience: Students/Tutees can attend lessons at their own time and target. Not compulsory to gather as class to attend lessons for 1 to 1 Online Tuition

  • Everybody is Online: Hopefully Circuit Breaker in Singapore will end soon but for now Learning is Best Online.

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You can read more about Online Tuition in Singapore by Brilliant Tutors here: http://brilliant-tutors.com/2020/06/02/online-tuition-vs-home-tuition/