Bachelor of Arts Singapore

What to do after O Levels?

Brilliant Tutors Tuiton Agency is working with Private Universities to present students seeking Tertiary Studies after O Levels. If you didn’t score as well and couldn’t enter Government Universities you can contact us to discuss your next steps. The following are the minimal requirements to start the courses.

To Enter the Foundation Course You Need:

GCE O Level L1R1 or L1R2 with scores at least C6 in English and C6 in other subjects

To Enter the 9 month Diploma Course You Need:

Min GCE O Level L1R3 with relavent supporting documents

Direct enrollment for L1R4 with English and other subjects C6 and above


Courses Available

Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Arts

  1. Animation
  2. Digital Media Design
  3. Fashion Design
  4. Games Design
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Interior Design
  7. Jewellery Design
  8. Product Design
  9. Merchandising-Fashion Communication and Journalism
  10. Merchandising-Fashion Marketing

Just Diploma and Advanced Diploma

  1. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Operation
  2. Business Marketing
  3. Supply Chain and Logistic Operation
  4. Tourism and Hospitality Management
  5. Psychology

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