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Science of Arts, Math of Sports, Philosophy of Life

Have you twisted the latest kid’s toy the snake cube? You can make it into a ball, a dog, love heart and even play it as a sword with your friends, it’s a puzzle at the same time a piece of art. A puzzle that needs a logical thinking mind similar to how you analyse science facts, findings and discoveries. 

See video below:



So is it a Science of Arts or Art of Sciences, you may ask? Let’s talk about Albert Einstein’s famous relativity equation, E=MC2 which summaries Universal Energy in a simple equation, E=Energy equals to M=Mass Times Square of C=Speed of Light with it’s his skilful arty scientific mind that came out with this equation, isn’t it?


Who is the Most Intelligent Mathematician you might wonder, it’s the  World Class footballer who has to calculate in his mind how to hit a goal avoiding all the obstacles and manoeuvring the football in a curve, arc like movement with a strong kick which he puts himself into the equation. Defying all odds to get the ball into a limited space and predicting, mind reading the speed at which the wall of men will jump and action of the goalkeeper, whether he will go left right central then Finally a Successful Goal!


There’s a lot of physics going on when playing a game of basketball or netball or any kind of sports too and you are in the equation as well when you are playing your game of any sports. Whether to Turn Right” Left how to manoeuvre your ball around your movements of your legs and hands and also when aiming for the post it’s all Physics and Maths in action.

The calculation to throw your ball at the right angle for the ball to go directly into or bounce on the square board to get your ball into the net is all professional abilities!


If you have these professional abilities you can excel in Olympic Sports and/or Olympics Mathematics.


So kids, you need to understand the importance of all these combinations of skill sets and do learn your academics well enough because all Arts, Maths,Science and Physical actions all boils down to an equation, an equation of life which successful people like Elon Musk and Jack Ma have mastered. Elon Musk is the genius who has plans to send people to Mars with his own company’s Rocket SpaceX and Jack Ma is China’s biggest eCommerce platform founder of Alibaba. 


To become successful in life, you need to be at the right place, right time with the right mindset and right network. All these are by probability and including the capabilities of the individuals. To do this, you need to have a strategic mind and intelligence other than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) , like EQ(Emotional Quotient), SQ (Social Quotient), AQ (Adversity Quotient). Their experience, what they have accomplished before and what they can do next!


There’s risk involved in every action and decisions made in life and with every step if you make conscious efforts to move forward, you will reach your goal very soon in life. There may be setbacks, unhappiness or unbelievable things happening in life. The best way is to stay positive in your thinking, there’s a saying in Chinese proverb that the Wheel of Fortune of Life never stops turning, it may be other people’s luckier this time but next time or in your future you will be one in luck as well.


Another thing to keep in mind is to be persistent. Being persistent brings you nearer to your goal in life and you will never know what would be the best outcome if you do not persevere in what you are doing. There maybe naysayers, bullies and all sorts of distractions and destructive people but you have to keep your spirits high and keep moving on with a smile on your face and music in your heart.


Happy Lunar New Year to all who are celebrating this festive season and have a Great 2021 ahead.


Written by Violet Owner of Brilliant Tutors Tuition Agency

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