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Best Practices in Tutors Engagement in View of Circuit Breaker Singapore

Best Practices in Tutors Engagement in View of Circuit Breaker Singapore

Hi, this is Violet Yap, Director of Brilliant Tutors Tuition Agency. In view of this Circuit Breaker Period, there are many adjustments to the already competitive Tuition business.

Tutors have to stop home-based tuition and go on for online tuition.

On 29th May, Singapore Government WhatsApp service announced that if plans of Phase 2, if there’s low infection rates and stability in Phase 1, home-based services can resume at end of June, which means Tutors can start visiting Tutee’s place for Tuition from Phase 2. 


Competitive Tuition Market in View of Circuit Breaker 

The Online Tuition Trend should somehow continue into the rest of Year 2020 and beyond. But most home-base Tuition will resume. During the 1st Phase we should observe and act accordingly. 

The Tuition Market remains competitive and more so for graduating cohorts, PSLE and O & A Level Students, it’s important that they get extra help for their studies.


Responsibility of Parents Engaging Tutors Online and Offline

From my observation of being a Tuition Agency Owner and Tutor, I would like to advise parents on the responsibility of engaging tutors which I wish could be improved on.

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Engaging Tutor


Book for Tutors:

  1.  As soon as possible when you find that your child needs help. Better not wait till the last minute near exams.
  2. Preferably Within a week to 2 when you want to start Tuition, not a month or more before commencing. 
  3.  Do try the Tutor for 2 lessons before making the decision to change and give the Tutor a chance.
  4.  Do a Paid Trial if you really cannot decide.
  5.  Pay promptly and or in advance.
  6.  Lastly, please Notify the Tutor in advance of any changes in lesson time or of any cancellation.


Consider Advance Payment

Paying in advance is good for both parties. You can determine how many lessons you want with the Tutor and not keep the Tutor in suspense to wait for payment after one month of lessons. If advance payment is not possible, arrange payment every 2 weeks or after each lesson as appropriate.

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